Tandem Hospital Partners

Tandem Hospital Partners works with leading hospital systems across the U.S. to build and operate state-licensed, CMS-accredited, acute care neighborhood hospitals. These next generation hospitals offer convenient, 24/7 neighborhood access to high quality, compassionate emergency and inpatient care, offering low wait times and an exceptional patient experience.

Tandem's strong clinical, retail, and hospital experience establishes us as the preferred partner in this emerging, innovative industry segment with an experienced, collaborative, values-driven leadership team. By partnering with Tandem, hospitals can meet the growing demand for emergency and inpatient services in communities where they are currently underrepresented, providing more convenient access to high quality, integrated, and patient-centered care.

There is a growing demand for better access to acute episodic care and neighborhood hospitals are the answer

Tandem’s hub and spoke hospital model provides more convenient access to acute episodic care in the busy, thriving communities where people live and work, while expanding the brand footprint for the hospital system and lessening the burden on full-service trauma-level hospital emergency departments, observation and inpatient beds.

The old hospital model doesn’t work in today’s world of busy lifestyles and increasing healthcare costs

Patients expect high quality, convenient, and timely healthcare translating into an exceptional patient experience. Tandem’s next generation neighborhood hospital concept is the answer to providing patients with the level of care they need and satisfaction they expect from a healthcare provider, while at the same time working in tandem with our partners to provide a coordinated, continuum of care for our patients, at a lower cost of delivery.

Our excellence in care is driven by our healing mission and values

Tandem chooses to partner with hospital systems that share our healing mission and values, ensuring that together we provide comprehensive, compassionate care to all patients who walk through our hospital doors.

Why work with Tandem Hospital Partners?

Quality of Care

Each site is open 24/7, staffed by board-certified ER physicians, with in-house lab, pharmacy and radiology.

Patient Experience

Tandems' innovative hospital care model promotes an exceptional patient experience and better outcomes.

Management Team

Tandem Hospital Partners brings the strongest team of clinical, retail and hospital leadership in the industry.

Site Selection

Site selection is the single most critical factor to complimenting a hospital's existing footprint.

Financial Success

Combining Tandem's expertise with the hospital's brand ensures long-term sustainability.

Billing & Collections

Tandem provides our hospital partners with an optimized central billing office.