Why Tandem

The foundation of Tandem's acute-care hospital model is based on an experienced healthcare leadership team, a research-based data driven approach, innovative cost-effective and efficient processes, resulting in an integrated healthcare system with our partners that results an exceptional patient experience and promotes better outcomes.

An experienced executive leadership team with an in-depth understanding of the emergency care industry

    • A+ leadership team combining more than 40 years of stand-alone emergency department development and management
    • A deep understanding of the mission of our nonprofit, faith-based hospital partners with whom we work in tandem to help them deliver on their promise and represent their brand with the utmost integrity and dedication to service

A granular, data-driven research approach to site selection

    • Research-based approach to determine the number of facilities based on market dynamics and emergency care needs
    • Unmatched site selection process resulting in superior sites for margin driven and mission-driven hospitals

An innovative, cost-effective approach to emergency care

    • Efficient, cost-effective processes and workflows resulting in a lower cost delivery of care, higher quality of care and superior patient experience
    • Innovative, state-of-the-art facilities that function with a small, efficient and experienced emergency-trained medical and administrative staff utilizing in-house laboratory, radiology and pharmacy resources

Encourages and promotes an integrated and coordinated health care environment with our hospital partners’ existing service lines and initiatives

    • Existing hospital partners’ emergency departments and inpatient services
    • Physician groups, urgent cares, clinics, etc.

An exceptional patient experience that focuses on patient satisfaction, encourages a continuum of care, and promotes better outcomes

    • Convenient, close-to-home locations
    • Open 24/7, 365
    • Short wait times
    • Clean, comfortable concierge experience and environment
    • Patient relationship representatives for follow-up patient advocacy
    • Transfers to other hospitals based upon patient needs
    • Referrals to PCPs/specialists, appointment setting and reminders