Our Declaration

To deliver the highest quality of care for our patients and people by creating safe environments of physical, emotional and spiritual healing and growth, through presence of mind, humility and love of the human spirit.

Our Vision

Become the U.S. leader in building and operating state-licensed, CMS-accredited, acute care neighborhood hospitals, specializing in inpatient and emergency services for established hospital systems, serving 1 million patients by 2021 while maintaining an overall mean patient satisfaction score of greater than 90.

Our Values

Everything we do is in service of others, with integrity, an inventive sp​irit and as a loving, collaborative​ f​​amily. ​We live ​these val​​​​​​​​​​​ues daily with o​ur patients, our pa​rtne​rs, our peopl​e and thro​​​ugh our processes. ​​

Tandem Hospital Partners is built on a foundation of values and behavioral standards that reinforce our declaration and guide us every step of the way towards making our vision a reality.

Integrity | Transparency + Accountability + Humility + Confidentiality

  • We do the right thing, even when it is not convenient.
  • We are transparent and direct in all communications; information flows instantaneously.
  • We honor and respect the complete confidentiality of our partners and each other.
  • We understand every action we take builds the pattern of behaviors that define our culture.
  • We hold ourselves and each other mutually accountable to our Declaration, Vision, Strategy and Values.

Service | Care + Compassion + Charity

  • We put our patients first, ensuring the highest level of safety.
  • We care for and serve our patients and each other as healers, leaving our egos behind.
  • We give back to our local community in a way that makes a real difference.
  • We lead with compassion, humility, and respect, not fear and retribution.

Innovation | Inquisitive + Inventive + Proactive

  • We are always looking for ways to improve how we do things and how we take care of our patients.
  • We value originality and search for inventive and creative solutions.
  • We take initiative and are exceptional at learning from our mistakes.

Family | Loving + Collaborative + Respectful

  • We respect and value each other’s passions and differences; we listen and care about everyone’s story.
  • We celebrate each other’s achievements and successes.
  • We are prudent with THP $ so that we may invest more in the growth and success of THP.
  • We are highly collaborative with our patients, partners, and each other, always assuming the best intentions.
  • We have a forgiving spirit, accepting each other as a whole person, recognizing we are all human